Here at Calvary Baptist Church we want you to know that we care for you and we love you. Our Wellness Weekend was a great time of learning and refreshment about the struggles of life and our overall health as a person. If you joined us for Wellness Weekend we wanted to make the resources available for you! If you couldn’t join us feel free to use the video links and the resources below. These videos and resources may be a big help to you and others.
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Recommended Resources
From Wellness Weekend 2023
Experiencing God’s Renewal in Your Burnout:
Burnout: Resting in God’s Fairness, Brad Hambrick
Zeal without Burnout, Christopher Ash

Comparison Anxiety (Ladies Session):
Comparison Girl, Shannon Popkin
The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness, Tim Keller
Nothing To Prove, Jenni Allen

Stress Relief Toys or Weapons (Men’s Session):
Death of Porn, Ray Ortlund

Better Counselors:
How People Change, Paul Tripp & Timothy Lane
Consider Your Counsel, Bob Kelleman
The Christian Counselor’s Medical Desk Reference, Charles Hodges

The Decision in Depression:
Depression: The Sun Always Rises, Margaret Ashmore

The Gospel in Anxiety:
Anxiety: Anatomy and Cure, Bob Kelleman
Anxiety: Knowing God’s Peace (31-Days Devotional for Life), Paul Tautges
Wellness Weekend Sessions
Experiencing God’s
Renewal in Your Burnout
Q/A and
Better Counselors
The Decision in Depression
The Gospel in Anxiety
Stress Relief Toys
or Weapons
(Men’s Session)
(Ladies Session)
Harley Snode and Inspire Counseling
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