Pastoral Team

Dr. Dan Dickerson

Senior Pastor

Dr. Dan Dickerson, a 1965 graduate of Midland High School, now pastors the church he attended as a high school student. Before coming to Calvary in 1979, Dr. Dickerson ministered as a youth pastor in Denver, Colorado. There, he and his wife, Cheryl, started their family made up of four boys. They were married in 1969.
Dr. Dickerson received both his B.A. and M.A. degrees from Bob Jones University and in May of 1998 was awarded the Doctor of Sacred Ministries degree from Northland Baptist Bible College. He also serves on the boards of Michigan Association of Christian Schools, Baptist Mid Missions and International Baptist Bible College.

Dr. Mike Reece

Associate Pastor

School Administrator 

Pastor Mike Reece has been the Calvary Baptist Academy Administrator since 1978. Pastor Reece holds a Bible degree from the Grand Rapids School of Bible and Music, a B.S. degree in education from Central Michigan University and a M.A. in Educational Administration from Pensacola Christian College. In May of 2009 Pastor Reece was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Humanities from Bob Jones University. He and his wife Jeanie have four children. 


Dr. David Warren

Discipleship Pastor

Secondary Principal

Pastor David has been on staff since 2003. He currently oversees our discipleship programs including Sunday school, bible studies, and one-on-one discipleship. He also coordinates Christian education as he serves as the junior and senior high school principal.
David grew up in Michigan and graduated from Calvary Baptist Academy in 1992. As a sophomore in college he came to realize that he had no personal relationship with Christ and the he needed to proclaim Jesus as Lord. After graduating from college David served as a youth pastor in Tampa, Florida for two years.  He also served as a family therapist at Boysville of Michigan for three years before coming to Calvary.  In 2014 he earned his Doctor of Ministry degree from Andersonville Theological Seminary. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Youth Ministries and a masters in Counseling. He and his wife, Maria, have four children, Kirsten, Brendan, Carson and Grayson.
David has a passion to see members of the church and the students at Calvary develop a Christian worldview that permeates all areas of their lives and enables them to be salt and light in a culture that desperately needs Christ.

 Pastor Mark Dickerson

Community and Family Pastor

Mark grew up at Calvary Baptist Church and upon graduation from Calvary Baptist Academy, he and his wife, Danelle, both graduated from Bob Jones University. In 1995, Pastor Mark Dickerson and Danelle moved to Jacksonville, Florida where Pastor Mark spent three years as a Youth Pastor at Victory Baptist Church. In 1999, Pastor Mark and Danelle moved back to Midland and joined the staff as Youth Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church until 2015 when he shifted responsibilities. Mark and Danelle have four kids, Mark, Matt, Caitlyn, and Caleb.

Pastor James Day

Youth Pastor

James attended Calvary Baptist Academy from the time he was in K-4 until he graduated from CBA in 2002. After graduating from Bob Jones University with a Bachelors , he began teaching in 2006 at a Springfield Christian School in Michigan. He later took on the responsibility of youth pastor at Dixie Baptist Church. In 2015, Pastor James became the youth pastor at Calvary Baptist Church. Pastor James also teaches 11th grade Bible Doctrines. James is married to Tiffany, and has two children, Sadie and Peyton.

 Support Team

Jaime Keoshian

Office Manager

Jaime is the Office Manager for Calvary Baptist Church and Academy and has been on staff since May of 2000. Jaime works with the church and school finances and oversees the events that happen at the church. She is also the Awana game leader for the 3rd – 6th grade girls and she is the varsity girls volleyball coach at Calvary Baptist Academy.
Jaime grew up in Caro, Michigan and attended Juniata Christian School. She graduated from Bob Jones University with a B.S. in office administration and a minor in coaching. During a Sunday morning church service at First Baptist Church of Caro, God showed Jaime her need to become a child of God. Later that Sunday afternoon of January, 1981, She prayed with her mother to give her life over to Christ.
Jaime’s vision would be for Calvary “to see people encouraged and growing in the Lord as we strive to glorify God in our service to Him.”

Kathye Hunt


Kathye is the new church receptionist as well as an administrative assistant. Her duties include answering phone calls, greeting and assisting office visitors, helping the deacons, as well as helping all as needed.
Kathye was born and reared in Los Angeles in an unsaved home but because of her aunt’s influence and commitment to have her in church every weekend, a fourth grade Sunday School teacher gave her a Bible when she was little girl. As a teenager, despite hard times, God worked in Kathye’s heart through the Bible and led her to eventually give her life to Christ when she was 19. A commitment to Christ for full time Christian work while in her 20’s brought her to us.
After working for Bechtel Power Corp. in Los Angeles where she was the administrative assistant to the chief mechanical and chief nuclear engineers, Kathye was a stay-at-home mom for nine years before she began working at Calvary Baptist Church in March, 2001. Kathye and her husband Johnny have three adult children, Katie, David (Krista) and Drew and a four year old granddaughter named Liliana who has brought great joy to their family.
Kathye’s vision for Calvary Baptist is for the church “to continue the preaching of the undiluted Word of God and for exponentially greater outreach to singles in the Midland area as well as to the needy here in Midland County.”

Janae Winkles

Church Secretary

Janae started working at Calvary in August of 2004. She coordinates church events and special services, administrates Sunday School and church attendance, assembles the church emails, prayer sheet and bulletin. She also teaches Home Economics at Calvary Baptist Academy.
Janae was born and raised in Bay City, Michigan. She came to know the Lord as a kindergarten student at Christian school in Bay City. One day after a Bible story her teacher asked if anyone would like to know how to be saved. Janae raised her hand and the teacher’s assistant then took her out of the room and led her to the Lord.
Janae graduated from CBA in 1997 and then graduated from Bob Jones University in 2001 with a Bachelors of Science in Family & Consumer Science and a minor in Office Administration. Previously, She worked as a purchasing assistant at a manufacturing company in Bay City. She married her husband, David, in June of 2001 and they have two wonderful children, Miranda and Lyndsey.
Janae’s vision for Calvary is that it would “continue to be a church that teaches and preaches from the Word of God actively, continues with the wonderful music program that the Lord has blessed us with greatly and that we show the love of God to our community.”

Tara Draves

School Secretary

Tara was hired in April of 2017 to be the new secretary for Calvary Baptist Academy. She works with the staff, parents and students of CBA. Tara answers phones, welcomes office visitors, plans school events for the elementary, and junior and senior high. She is also involved in the Marriage ID class and the nursery.
Tara grew up in Midland and attended CBA from kindergarten to high school graduation. She accepted Christ at a young age during a conversation with her mother. Tara rededicated her life as a young adult and was baptized at that time. The Marriage ID group has also impacted her and her husband’s spiritual growth. “Having a close group that is experiencing a similar stage of life and actively looks for ways to help build one another up is a blessing.”
After graduating from Calvary in 2003 she married her husband, Doug, in 2005. They have two beautiful children, Kaleb and Addy. Tara worked at a local financial institution for nine years before being hired at Calvary.
Tara’s vision for Calvary is that it would strive “to encourage young families to be living for the Lord daily and to help in raising the next generation to be light in this dark world.”

Ben Dawley

Music Director

Ben was hired in the summer of 2018 to work in our church and school. Born in Rochester Hills, Ben has been involved in church ministry and Christian education from an early age. He received both his bachelor and masters degrees from Bob Jones University and has been teaching and ministering for 17 years. He is actively involved in the Mid-Michigan arts community as well.

Ben has a strong passion that young people take what is learned musically in school, and use it in the Lord’s service consistently. Ben and his wife have four children: Emma, Claire, Liam, and Colin. 
As music director of Calvary Baptist Church, his desire is that as we meet as a body on Sunday, that our worship will be theologically rich but also practical and engaging for every believer, both young and experienced, in attendance.